BORK Zero Clearance Insert Mounted Splitter

The BORK Zero Clearance Insert Mounted Splitter mounts to your insert and provides a handy way to help prevent workpiece kickback. The splitter is available in .080" and .100" thicknesses and these will support either of the optional blade covers.

The BORK IMS will work with almost all full size table saws including the Craftsman and Ridgid contractor saws. It is NOT designed to work with factory throat inserts. Aftermarket zero clearance inserts are readily available or take a look at the kits available in my table saw accessories category.

Splitter is shown at right with optional blade cover.

 Please Note: The splitter will not tilt with your saw blade, must be removed for non-through cuts, and cuts are limited to 2" stock thickness with the optional blade cover installed.  

Shown with option blade cover
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Price $45.00